White water rafting Bali Ubud – Cheap and easy way to book

White water rafting Bali Ubud, is one activity that I would highly recommend for everyone travelling to Bali. Unlike most places, in Bali I recommend white water rafting mainly for the scenery and the landscape rather than the thrills. You would hardly encounter any Class 3 rapids, so the ride is definitely not thrilling.

But the feel of your boat paddling along the narrow river surrounded by mighty cliffs on either sides, exquisitely carved river banks with stories of Ramayana; there is just so much to see and say.

After the disappointment of yesterday (read about it here – Water Sports in Bali) we were really excited about the rafting.

White water rafting Bali Ubud – Where to book?

Well I came across lot of tourists during rafting each having paid a different price, ranging from ₹1600 to ₹4000, for the same tour. Most tourists who had booked the tour through an agent paid anything from ₹3000-₹4000.

White water rafting Bali Ubud – Toekad Rafting Center

Those who were good at bargaining paid around ₹2000-₹3000 and we just paid ₹1600/person by simply booking the tour through Klook. If you are familiar with my blogs, you would know by now that I book almost all my tours through Klook, primarily because of the excellent service and cheap costs (personally experienced in more than 7-8 countries).

If you still don’t believe me then try to call the travel agents and compare the price with Klook. I am sure you will be surprised.

You can book the White Water Rafting Tour from Klook using this link – White water rafting Bali Ubud, Klook.

White water rafting Bali Ubud – Programme Schedule & Tips

Your schedule will change depending on the time of the day you decide to raft. We chose the morning time.

  1. 08:15 AM – Pick up from hotel
  2. 9:15-9:30 AM – Arrival at the rafting center
  3. 10 AM – Change gear and depart to the rafting start point
  4. 12:00 PM – After rafting for around an 1 hour or so, you head back to the center for Lunch
  5. 01:00 PM – Lunch and then drop off to your respective hotel.
White water rafting Bali Ubud
White water rafting Bali Ubud – Less Monday, more summer (secret to my happiness)
White water rafting Bali Ubud
White water rafting Bali Ubud – All ready

What To Bring:

  • Swimwear, t-shirt, shorts, and footwear that you don’t mind getting wet
  • Fresh change of clothes and shoes
  • Camera, sunscreen [Towels are provided at the center]
  • A bag to carry wet clothes home in


  • A water resistant bag will be available to keep things dry on the boat (such as a camera), but to be on the safe side, leave your valuables at home.
  • The start and end of the tour require walking up and down some quite steep steps – come prepared with sturdy shoes!
  • Bring some money for a refreshing drink at the mid-way point on the drive, as well as for souvenirs and photos.

White water rafting Bali Ubud – The experience

After changing our clothes, we had to walk through the lush green fields and climb down quite a few steep steps to head to the rafting start point.

You are all assigned a boat and a navigator who carries a water resistant bag with him. You can hand over your mobiles and other stuff to him. I unfortunately had no action camera/go pro back in 2018 so don’t have any photos of the actual river water rafting.

White water rafting bali ubud
White water rafting bali ubud – Ayung River
White water rafting bali ubud
White water rafting bali ubud – The gang

But fret not – If needed at the end of the trip, you can buy your photos in the form of a CD from them. We bought a single CD for the entire group and divided the money cost amongst us. Once I was back in India I shared the photos with everyone on the boat.

Time-lapse of the walk through lush green fields before rafting:

White water rafting Bali Ubud – Time lapse

The rafting experience as I said earlier isn’t about the thrills but more about the landscapes. Throughout the ride, I was in awe of the natural surrounding and the carvings from Ramayana. It’s an exemplary act if you consider the positions of the carvings along the river. Some of these places are extremely difficult to just get too, let alone carving them.

White water rafting Bali Ubud – Mid-way stop

After around 20-25 mins on the raft, you stop at a place mid way with few vendors along the bank of the river selling drinks (cold drinks, water and beer). The lady will push you to buy a drink for the navigator (marketing technique). Nevertheless, if you really enjoyed the ride then no harm in it. We bought a beer for our navigator and he made a note of the things purchased by everyone. You don’t need to pay the vendor, if you are not carrying money you can pay later at the rafting office, like we did.

White water rafting Bali Ubud
White water rafting Bali Ubud – At the midway point
White water rafting Bali Ubud
White water rafting Bali Ubud – Midway point
White water rafting Bali Ubud
White water rafting Bali Ubud – Mrs India & China
White water rafting Bali Ubud
White water rafting Bali Ubud – Waterfall massage

After that we went through a powerful waterfall and spent a good 10 mins getting ourselves a free water fall massage. After that point the river becomes wider and more gentler.

Once, we completed rafting we had to climb some steep stairs and get into the vehicle waiting for us. The vehicle takes you back to the center, where you get a chance to take a bath and change after which you can proceed for a buffet lunch.

The lunch wasn’t the best, but for the price we paid for the overall trip we aren’t complaining.

White water rafting Bali Ubud – Drop to the hotel

Since, we were anyways changing hotels today I had requested the team via email to pick me up from a separate hotel and drop us to another with our luggage to which they happily agreed and demanded no extra fees (probably because my 2nd hotel was in Ubud itself and pretty close to rafting center).

We had booked a private pool villa today and once we reached our room, we had a peaceful afternoon nap and then enjoyed our time in the pool.

White water rafting Bali Ubud
White water rafting Bali Ubud – Private Pool Villa

Dinner was at the hotel itself, as we wanted to explore the available food options in the hotel.

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