Water Sports in Bali – How to choose the best vendor?

Probably the most disappointing day of the tour thanks to Make My Trip. While planning my Bali trip, I had booked a couple of tours through MMT, one of them was Water Sports in Bali.

After having such a good time at the Bali Safari & Marine Park, today wasn’t exactly the best of teh days. However, we did manage to salvage most it. How? Read on to find out.

Water Sports in Bali – The package

The package we had booked through MMT included:

  1. 1x Flying fish,
  2. 1x Parasailing,
  3. 1x Banana Boat Ride
  4. and 1x Jet Ski. 

Water sports in Bali
Water sports in Bali – Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa

The vendor was Ciwa Sempurna Dive and Water Sports. And you can find my review about them on trip advisor – Ciwa Sempurna Review, Trip Advisor.

Here’s what I had to say to the MMT guys, about my experience:

The whole water sports package was rubbish. Except the pickup driver, everything was just plain disappointing. First of all the activities were advertised as 15-25 mins but did not last even a minute. On top of it the vendor people handling water sports were rude and I even had to give a verbal dose to one of the guys. I noticed that this happened with almost all the people (most of them were Indian couples). I saw some of the employees even getting into fights with tourists. I would suggest not using them (CWI Sempurna) for any water sports activities.I have never seen a bigger scam in my life. No matter what you do, don't land up here and even if you are booking the package through MMT or Yatra, get the vendor name from them and cross verify that with Trip Advisor reviews.

We did end up doing some of the activities again, by paying out of our own pocket from a different vendor later in the day. I will post the details about those good vendors at the end of the post, you can check their reviews for reference and if satisfied book your activities with them.

Water Sports in Bali – The Activities


As soon as we landed at the sports center, we knew it was the wrong place. It was crowded, filthy and most of the staff seemed pretty unhappy or disinterested in serving any of the guests. Anyways, we were asked to change in filthy change room and make way for you activities.

Water sports in Bali
Water sports in Bali – Parasailing

We were ushered into a boat and taken for parasailing. Having already done parasailing in Goa quite a few times, I was expecting something on similar lines. However, the actual parasailing lasted for less than a minute – You go up and then almost as quickly you come down. Shocking because it was clearly advertised by MMT that all activities will be 15-20 mins of actual activity and not sitting in the boat.

Water sports in Bali
Water sports in Bali – Waiting for our turn, Happy Indian gang

I got into an argument with one of the staff, but then realised almost everyone on the boat had the same complaint. Most of them were naive married Indian couples on their honeymoon.

Jet Ski Ride – The biggest joke of them all

The brochure clearly mentioned Solo 15 mins on the Jet Ski, so I was hoping for at least 5 mins. On the contrary the staff let me drive the Jet Ski for 15 secs, then immediately took control and did a quick round and we were back in another 45 secs. Yeah, my wife even has a video of the whole thing and it lasted around 1:02 mins.

Water Sports in Bali – Jet Ski Ride

Banana Boat Ride – Another surprise

Unlike the Banana boat ride in Goa, in Bali they don’t tumble you at all. It’s just a 1 min ride across the ocean sitting on that Banana boat. That’s it.

Water sports in Bali
Water sports in Bali – Jet Ski Ride

Flying Fish – The only saving grace for the day

This is a very unique activity that I haven’t seen happening in other South East Asian countries including Thailand & Maldives. As per my research this is done only on selected beaches in Bali. Anyways Flying fish was the only fun experience of the trip. We really enjoyed this one. After this the vendor, tried to sell us more stuff like Snorkelling, Sea walk etc but I had had enough of it.

Water sports in Bali – Flying Fish

Staying there for 15 mins longer, would have definitely ensured that I would get into a fight with the staff like some of the others. We just asked the vendor, to schedule the return drop to our hotel, but even for that we would have to wait at least 1-2 hours as our drop mates were not yet finished with their activities. Frustrated I told the lady to either give us a drop late in the evening or we would manage our own drop. Luckily, she agreed to a late evening drop. We decided to book a grab and head to the Jimbaran beach famous for its sea food and clean beach.

Water Sports in Bali – Twist in the tale

We soaked ourselves on the beach for sometime and then had some yummy and delicious sea food in one of the restaurants near the beach.

Day 4 5 1
Water sports in Bali – Seafood lunch at Jimbaran

After lunch while casually walking across, I came across few water sports stalls with plenty of foreigners, I quickly checked the trip advisor reviews and they were damn good. So we quickly went and booked ourselves for a few activities again – Parasailing and Jet Ski.

The prices were little on the higher side, but I can’t fault the service. On both rides we actually spent more time than advertised and I was given the complete control of the Jet Ski. It was a super experience and something we were looking for in the first place.

Water Sports in Bali – Recommended Vendors

Based on some excellent trip advisor reviews and from what I saw at the beach, I would whole heartedly recommend the below vendors:

  1. Bali Jet Set Dive & Marine Sports [We used their services in the 2nd half]
  2. Bali Parasailing Adventures
  3. Nusa Dua Water Sports
  4. Benoa Water Sports

All of them have trip advisor pages and their websites also have details about the activities along with the price and time duration. I hope you don’t repeat my mistake and book one of these vendors for a hassle free service.

Water Sports in Bali – Dinner at Potato Head

After our 2nd round of water sports, we took a GRAB to the original vendors and then they dropped us back at the hotel. After relaxing in the pool for sometime, we decided to head to Potato Head today for some drinks & dinner as tomorrow we would be shifting to our hotel in Ubud.

At Potato head, you have the option to get food/drinks served in the pool provided you guarantee a bill of a minimum amount (I think it was somewhere around ₹5000 per person but I am not really sure of the exact number).

Anyways, we were done with water and pool activities for the day, so we settled at a table near the pool and spent the rest of the evening just chilling and watching the waves crash against the beach.

Lobster Roll scaled
Water sports in Bali – Lobster Roll at Potato Head
Prawns Cocktail scaled
Water sports in Bali – King Prawns Cocktail

That’s an end to probably one of my worst days in terms of my travelling experience till now. Yeah, I have done 28 countries and never was the experience that bad.

Anyways, we did end it on a high (literally) so alls well that ends well.

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