Trip Expenses for Meeru Maldives – 4 days of affordable luxury

One of the biggest reasons people postpone a trip to Maldives is due to the trip expenses. Let’s talk about how big a hole this trip will burn in your pocket. I am putting down all the trip expenses for Meeru Maldives for 4D/3N for a couple. The entire Maldives series of posts were meant to help you minimise the prices and maximise the bang for buck quotient.

Trip Expenses for Meeru Maldives – Breakup

I will try to break up the trip expenses, so that it gives you a better idea.


The biggest factor in any Maldivian trip. In fact it’s probably one of the rare places in the world where you will spend more for a 3/4N accommodation than you spent on the flights for the trip. The Jacuzzi water villa costed around 125000 INR for 3N on All inclusive plus package. That’s roughly $600/night on the All Inclusive Plus package.

We stayed in Villa No. 720 on the Northern side on the island.

Accommodation Maldives
Trip Expenses for Meeru Maldives – Our Water Villa

You can also check my video walkthrough of our Jacuzzi Water Villa and decide for yourself if it appeals to you as much as it did to us.

Trip Expenses for Meeru Maldives – Jacuzzi Water Villa Walkthrough


I opted for Mumbai – Kochi – Maldives flight not because it was cheap, but for the reasons mentioned in this post – Picking the right flight. Flights costed me 35000 INR for 2 people.

I would recommend that you read the Picking the right flight post, because it will help you avoid making some obvious mistakes when it comes to booking flights.

Maldives Visa Stamp
Trip Expenses for Meeru Maldives – The shortest trip of my life

Speed boat transfers

While researching for the resorts, the first criteria was to look for a resort with Speed-boat transfer rather than sea-plan transfers. One reason was obviously the cost, second one being the fact that ride is noisy and you are not guaranteed a window seat. If the plane is full, your seat will mostly depend on when you board the plane.

So unless you get the window seat, you miss out on the views and yet splash an obscene amount of money. Also the transfers will probably cost you as much as your flight tickets from India and back, perhaps even more.

For us the cost of speed boat transfer was – $310 ($155/person)

Trip Expenses for Meeru Maldives – Miscellaneous expenses

  • Since we opted for the All Inclusive Plus Package (AI+), we hardly had to spend a penny from our pockets. You can read the post to decide for yourself if the AI+ package makes sense for you or not.
  • We only used some cash for staff tips and some souvenirs (But even souvenirs can be directly charged to your credit cards if you wish)

Tips & tricks

You can bring down the trip expenses for Meeru Maldives to 1.2-1.5 lakhs INR, by following some of these tips:

  • Going for a half board package instead of AI+ (All Inclusive Plus) will save you 10-15K. Comparison between different packages available here.
  • Opt for a split stay (1N in Water Villa + 2N in a Beach Villa). This will easily save you approx. 20-30K.
  • Book flights early. Even better book flights using credit card points/offers. I am a super advocate of credit cards. Read this post about how I have earned almost 6 figures worth of points/credits every year – Travelling with credit cards.
  • If you want to further reduce the cost, then March-May is the best time as the rates are the cheapest during the whole year.
  • For water-sports, I would suggest carrying your own snorkelling gear and action camera as the cost of owning the snorkelling gear is almost the same as renting it out for a day or 2. If interested I’ll post the amazon links of all my gear below.

My gear for the Maldivian Vacation

As I mentioned above, you can also reduce your trip Expenses for Meeru Maldives

  1. Camera – Nikon D5100 (Current version – Nikon D5600)
  2. Prime Lens – Nikon 35mm 1.8G Prime Lens
  3. Action Camera – I got mine from US some years back, but you can go for GoPro (Expensive) or Campark (Cheaper but very good reviews)
  4. Snorkelling mask – I used this Full face mask, if you like the mask and snorkel to be separate then go for this one.

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