Tribee Bana Hoi An – Honest and unbiased review of our 2 nights

Tribee Bana Hoi An proved to be one of our favourite hostel experiences in the entire Vietnam-Cambodia trip. Even though there was nothing flashy about the hostel, it checked-out all the boxes of our basic requirements and we were pleasantly surprised with the lovely staff, service and their friendliness.

Tribee Bana Hoi An – Hostel Review

  1. Rooms – Spacious rooms with ensuite bathrooms, most importantly no bunk beds. We stayed in a 3 bed mixed dorm and found it spacious.
  2. Lockers – Lockers are located under your bed, so they are huge (almost the size of the bed). You won’t have any luggage related complaints here for sure.
  3. Staff – Young, nice and friendly. This was probably the only hostel which made us sit down and gave us a 5 min orientation of the hostel as well as the town of Hoi An. All their food suggestions were bang on.
  4. F&B
    • Free breakfast is a lavish spread with plenty of options.
    • A live egg counter during breakfast, quite similar to Buffalo hostel in Hanoi.
    • Free unlimited beer/rum & coke in the evenings depending on the day of the week.
    • Free Water (some hostels charged us for water refills)
  5. Price35$ for 2 night for 2 people for a 3 bed mixed dorm.
  6. Location – Located at a perfect walking distance of 1-2 km’s from all major tourist spots in Hoi An. The hostel really blends well with the vibe and the surroundings of Hoi An.
  7. Activities/Tours
    • Village Cycling Tour – Just pay rent for cycles
    • Street Food Tour – Tour is free, but you pay for the food you eat
    • Free pool party – They have a tie up with another of their sister hostel located near the beach. So if you want to take a dip or just cool down head to the pool party.
  8. Special Experience (if any) – It was my friend Kshipra’s birthday and we had mentioned it only in passing while discussing some destination. To our surprise, the hostel staff not only got her a big cake but also extended her some activity discount.
  9. Overall rating – 10/10.

Bottomline – Highly recommended, one of the best hostels of our entire trip and run by some young and friendly staff.

Tribee Bana Hoi An – Hostel Photos

Tribee Bana Bed

Whenever, I am visiting hotels I always click photos of the rooms before I start, but in case of hostels its difficult as you share the room with others and their privacy becomes a greater concern.

So unless the room is empty I try not to click photos. In this particular hostel, we were 3 people in the room (Me, Kshipra & another British girl).

As the room was never empty I had no chance to click a photo of the dorm. The one on the left, is taken from the net.

20191004 195058
Tribee Bana Hoi An – B’day celebrations…
Tribee Bana Hoi An
Tribee Bana Hoi An – Jerry, our friendly guide
2 Days in Hoi An
Tribee Bana Hoi An – Free rum & coke
2 Days in Hoi An
Tribee Bana Hoi An – Village Cycling Tour (9 nationalities in 1 photo)
20191003 192058
Crazy Jenga tiles..
2 Days in Hoi An
Hostel Activity Board

Tribee Bana Hoi An – Hostel Activity Videos

Tribee Bana Hoi An – Village Cycling Tour

Tribee Bana Hoi An – Rice Paper making

Where to book?

For all my hostel bookings, I either use Hostel World or Agoda. Some of the advantages include:

  • Lots of option to select from.
  • You need to pay only a small amount while booking. Pay the remaining amount directly at the hostel. In case of Agoda, you can book without paying anything upfront. This comes in handy when you don’t have a fixed route and itinerary but need bookings to show for your Schengen Visa.
  • Website accepts most Indian credit/debit cards.

You can book the hostel directly from Hostel World here – Tribee Bana Hoi An, Hostel World

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