Things to do in Tromso Norway – Best itinerary for 2 days

Yesterday was probably one of the best days of my life. I saw the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) – Mission Accomplished. Today we were scheduled for the Fjords full day tour with Andrei. But like I said earlier – Man plans and God laughs. The weather was pretty bad and Andrei said that even if we went on the tour, we won’t be getting any great views. So once that plan was scrapped, we hastily put together a list of things to do in Tromso Norway.

Sightseeing – Things to do in Tromso Norway

Since, our hotel was very close to the Tromso bridge, we did all the sightseeing on foot. So no expenses on transport/bus tickets for the day. Of all the things to do in Tromso Norway the most iconic was The Tromso Bridge was just a 5 mins walk from the hotel.

Tromso Bridge

The Tromsø Bridge is a cantilever road bridge. Some of the famous attractions like Arctic Cathedral and Fjellheisen are located on the other side of the bridge. The bridge has pedestrian lanes for walking as well as cycling. It was super windy and bone chilling on the bridge. The only part of my face that wasn’t covered went numb after crossing the bridge.

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Things to do in Tromso Norway – Tromso bridge from the ground…
Things to do in Tromso Norway – Tromso Bridge from Fjellheisen

Arctic Cathedral

Tromsdalen Church or the Arctic Cathedral is a parish church of the Church of Norway. It’s famous for its white concrete design and triangular shape. The church is huge and unmissable. It’s right at the end of the Tromso Bridge. As you can guess it was drizzling and very windy that day, so almost all photos were clicked on my humble mobile phone.

Entrance Ticket – NOK 50.

Tromso Cathedral

This cathedral was located right next to our hotel, barely at a distance of 200 meters. The cathedral is the church for the Tromsø Domkirkens parish and it is the headquarters for the Tromsø domprosti and the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland.

Things to do in Tromso Norway – Tromso Cathedral

This cathedral is notable since it is the only Norwegian cathedral made of wood. The church tower and main entrance are on the west front. It is probably the northernmost Protestant cathedral in the world.

The Polar Museum

Museum for regional nature & history. The Polar Museum preserves and conveys stories related to this aspect of the history of Tromsø and the Arctic. The Polar Museum’s permanent exhibitions deal with sealing, overwintering trapping, the stories of famous trappers. Lovely situated in an 1830s warehouse on the seafront. Museum shop.

Entrance Ticket – NOK 70.

Things to do in Tromso Norway – Polar Museum


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Things to do in Tromso Norway – Fjellheisen Cable Car Station

Fjellheisen is an aerial tramway(cable car) located in the city of Tromsø, Norway. The operation depends on the weather. So if you are sure about the forecast, I would suggest catching the late evening ride to the top. You will get an amazing view of the city from the top. The forecast was for heavy snow later in the day, so we visited in the afternoon.

The lower station is located near sea-level in Tromsdalen while the upper station is located at Storsteinen, a mountain ledge about 420 m above sea-level. The four-minute trip to the upper station is a popular destination in itself, offering visitors a commanding view of the city and the surrounding islands and fjords from an outdoor viewing deck.

IMG 20181022 163609 HDR
All clear to begin with…
Then it starts drizzling….
Who’se cuter? the snowman or the girl?
The restaurants inside…
10 mins later…

The Fjellstua restaurant on top serves a very famous soup called Bidos – Reindeer soup. It was warm, salty and perfect for the weather because soon enough it started snowing. I remember doing a one of my first facebook live videos from this site while it was snowing. Some of us had coffee/hot chocolate. The restaurant is on the expensive side, but then the view is worth the money.

Of all the things to do in Tromso Norway – Fjellheisen was undoubtedly the best. Much of it had to do with the fact that it actually started snowing and the place was covered in a white sheet of snow within 10 mins.

Cable car ticket cost – NOK 140.

Back at the Skansen Hotel

We had visited/done most of the things we intended to do in Tromso. By the time we reached the hotel, we were soaked & chilled to our bones after playing in all that snow and the drizzle on the way back to the hotel. As soon as we came in, we headed straight for the hot showers. Got fresh, came down to the lobby, spent some time checking out emails and social media while devouring the free but strong coffee and cookies. We went to Burger King today and had an early dinner as we had an early morning flight to catch tomorrow.

We had to leave for the Airport at 6:30AM tomorrow morning to catch our flight to Bergen. The shuttle bus departs from the same place where it dropped us (Close to Radisson blue). We already had the return ticket.

Tromso – Video

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