The complete travel checklist – Your 1 stop guide to packing

The necessity of the complete travel checklist? We have all been in situations where we have missed packing something or the other; realising it a little too late. I have missed out on things as important as a DSLR and a laptop for a work trip. Drawing from my personal debacles & misfortunes, I have compiled

How does the complete travel checklist help me?

Well for starters, its a checklist that you carry in printed or online format. Also, it’s based on my personal travelling experience of 10+ years in India & abroad for leisure, work as well as backpacking.

Also, I have tried to keep the list pretty comprehensive and depending on your requirements you can select what’s needed for you. You can download the PDF from this link – The Complete travel checklist.

And most importantly, it’s free and can be modified or customised it in any PDF editor as per your requirements.

What if I want to buy some of this stuff?

Almost all the items mentioned in the list are easily available in India and almost on all major platforms including Flipkart, Amazon & TataCliq. Here are some of my personal favourites from the items mentioned in the list. I have used all of them personally and would recommend them without second thoughts:

The complete travel checklist
  • Forex Card/CashBookMyForex, have used their services 5-6 times and have had no complaints so far. You can compare the rates with your bank or forex agent. If interested, you can check out their website – BookMyForex.
  • Dental Kit – Most airlines/hotels provide this. So I generally ask for an extra just to have as a backup while travelling.
  • Amenities kit – I use a park avenue kit as it contains all the stuff I need and its not expensive either and bonus, it comes with its own travel pouch. Buy it from Amazon – Park Avenue Men’s Kit, Amazon.
  • Universal adapter – The best investment, if you travel a lot. You can get it from Amazon – Universal Adapter, Amazon.
  • Backpack – To be frank, I have used a variety of them, some owned by me and some borrowed from friends. I really love the Quechua backpack that’s in the photo but currently I am using Mount Track Rucksack.
  • Personal water bottle – I have 2 which I use depending on where I am travelling and what purpose.
    • For trekking I use this LifeStrawBottle with an inbuilt purifier.
    • Normal purposes – Traniac bottle. It’s a tad heavy but built like a tank. I have used it in Spiti in -25°C and even today I use this as my personal bottle.
  • Travel pillow – I have a tough time using the airline pillows. Also, this helps me sleep in airports during those long layovers. I personally prefer a memory foam one like Memory Foam Travel Pillow, Amazon.

Want to read about the trips, where I used this checklist?

The checklist was compiled over many trips I did over the years. During my initial travelling years I was just an adhoc traveller with a photogenic memory. But as it’s said in IT, documentation is very important and now I understand why. Here are some of my trips:

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