Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – The best plan for 1 day trip

Nusa Penida wasn’t even in my list of places to visit (yeah I know, stupid me) when we planned the trip. But thanks to a good samaritan we met at White Water Rafting on Ayung river, we decided to go ahead and book the Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali.

Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Where to book?

When we visited in January, 2018 Nusa Penida wasn’t yet a very popular destination with Indians, as a result when I did my research I had no idea about this place. Luckily though, our Malaysian friend showed us some photos and gave us an idea about visiting the place. He had stayed on the islands for 3N’s and would hire a scooter along with the driver and go around the island.

Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Nusa Penida Harbour
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Kling kling beach
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Broken Bay beach

We however, didn’t have the luxury of time. So I quickly googled and found a website with really good reviews. After dashing out some quick emails, a full day tour was scheduled for next day.

Booking Options:

  1. We booked via Discover Nusa Penida on email. The service was excellent and I would highly recommend them. We booked the West Nusa Penida tour as the east has relatively less attractions.
    Cost – $180 for 2 (₹13500) for a Private Tour
    Inclusions – Lunch, a tour guide, speed boat transfers, cold water, soft drink, snack, towel and face towel during your trip, pick up n drop off at your hotel.
    Itinerary – Visit Angel billabong, Broken beach, Kling-kling beach & Crystal bay, where in Crystal bay you can do swimming and light snorkeling.
  2. The next option would be to book the tour via Klook. You can customise the various options like snorkeling [East Nusa Penida or West] while finalising the package.
    Book Nusa Penida tour here – Nusa Penida Tour, Klook.
  3. There is a 2 day option available as well now at Klook, you can book that here – 2D Nusa Penida Tour, Klook.

If you have the time, I would recommend spending 3 days at Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan combined.

Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Tour Itinerary

The rough itinerary was something like this:

  • 06:30 AM – Pick up from the hotel
  • 07:30 AM – First ferry from Sanur to Nusa Penida
  • 08:30 AM – Reach the island, meet with the tour guide and select snorkeling gear as per your size.
  • 09:00 AM – First stop Angel’s Billabong. Free to spend around 1-2 hour at Broken Bay & Angel’s Billabong. Our guide Putu accompanied us throughout guiding and giving us information and clicking our photos. Lovely fellow.
  • 11:00 AM – Kling Kling beach
  • 12:30 PM – Lunch at one of the restaurants (Trust me when I say this, lunch was simple but the tastiest of my entire Bali trip).
  • 01:30 PM – Crystal Bay swimming followed by snorkeling
  • 03:30 PM – Leave for the ferry harbour.
  • 04:00 PM – Take the ferry back to Sanur and then the drop back to your hotel.

Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Our Experience

The pickup was right on time. We were greeted by a friendly driver who after a 30 mins drive dropped us at Sanur and went ahead to book tickets for us. He handed us the tickets and told us where the ferry would start from. Remember though that you need to walk in knee deep water to get on the ferry, there is no dock.

After the hour long ride, when we de-boarded the ferry Putu was already waiting for us at the Nusa Penida harbour. He quickly took us to their office in an AC car and helped us select our snorkeling fins and mask. After that we drove on some really bad and broken roads to reach Broken Bay/ Angel’s Billabong.

Broken Bay & Angel’s Billabong

The driver dropped us at the parking and Putu accompanied us and gave us a guided tour of the entire place. It had rained earlier that day as a result the water in Angel’s Billabong wasn’t as clear as its normally seen in the Instagram photos. Putu showed me a photo from one of the previous days and I was stunned with the colour of the water.

Broken bay beach
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Angels Billabong
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Broken Bay
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Broken bay beach

We also stopped at one point from where we could see Manta-Rays swimming close to the surface of the water. These beautiful creatures are so big yet so calm. The fact that we could see them from almost 100’s of meters away is a testimony to their size.

It was a good 30 mins walking around the Broken Bay after Angel’s Billabong. We clicked plenty of photos and after around an hour headed back to the car. By the way I must say that it was a hot day and the guys at Discover Nusa Penida were super considerate. As soon as we entered the car it was chilled. We were given cold towels and some cold drinks and water. Some packaged snacks like chips and prawns crackers were also given to us so that we could cool down before reaching Kling Kling beach.

Kling Kling beach (T-Rex beach)

The most well-known attraction in Nusa Penida. In fact even for us a single photo of the T-Rex was enough to convince us to come here. We arrived at the spot and Putu told us about all the good places to click photos from.

Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Original Viewpoint
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Kling kling beach
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Clicked from a tree
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – The other side shown by Putu
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Who throws whom first?

There was a rickety staircase from the T-Rex point to head down to the beach. However, considering the shortage of the time and the hot weather Putu and my wife both advised against going all the way down, because they knew the climb back would be super hectic. We clicked some more photos and then Putu asked us to get back into the car and took us to another spot around the island. We were the only ones at that spot and as per Putu only the local knew about the spot. We clicked some more photos and got back into the car.


For lunch we had the option to order any one dish from the menu/person and a drink. We both ordered different dishes. Mine was fried tuna fish with rice and Sambhal (spicy Indonesian chutney) and Snehal ordered a dish whose name I can’t recall.

Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Snehal’s Lunch
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Fried Tuna rice with Sambhal

The food was so simple but I simply fell in love with that dish. I even asked the lady the name and recipe for the Sambhal.

Crystal Bay – Swimming and Snorkeling

After the lunch, we arrived at Crystal Bay where we swam for around 30 mins and then did snorkeling for another 30 mins. The sea was a little choppy that day, so for safety reasons the snorkeling was stopped after 30 mins. Nevertheless we enjoyed our time at the beach as it was almost like a private beach with hardly anyone around.

Np2 1
Nusa Penida Day Tour Bali – Crystal Bay

Payment & the Return ferry

The good folks here had allowed me to complete the entire trip without paying a single penny. After our arrival here, I quickly made the payment using our credit card and headed to the harbour to catch our 4 PM ferry to Sanur. We made sure we tipped Putu as he was an excellent guide. Even today we continue to be Facebook friends.

We arrived in Sanur by 5 PM and then reached our hotel by 6 PM. It was a truly remarkable day and this trip to Nusa Penida is highly recommended to anyone who visits Bali.

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