Mumbai to Maldives flights – Tips to get best bang for buck

This article is for those folks who are travelling to Maldives for a vacation and want to make the maximum use of their time at the resort/hotel. There are plenty of airlines running direct Mumbai to Maldives flights. However, while a direct flight may look convenient, there are other factors you might need to consider.

Mumbai to Maldives flights – The actual problem

Personally, I wouldn’t suggest booking direct Mumbai to Maldives flights by Indigo/SpiceJet , if you want to make the best use of your hotel accommodation. Their timing is pretty inconvenient with most arrivals at around 5 PM at Male & departures at 8 AM in the morning.

Now, just think about this for a minute – You are spending more than 25,000 INR/night at your resort. So do you really want to waste half of that time in transit?

Mumbai to Maldives flights
Mumbai to Maldives flights – The paradise awaits you…

I believe when you are spending big bucks/night it makes sense to take flights which give you maximum time at the resort. Unless you are travelling in the peak-season, I don’t see any reason why the resort wouldn’t be able to offer an early check-in. My resort – Meeru Island Resort & Spa did provide me with an early check-in. Most hotels in Maldives would happily provide an early check-in if available.

Mumbai to Maldives flights – The solution

The best combo in such scenarios is to book either early morning direct flights or overnight flights which will land you at Male before 12 PM. Most resorts are good 30-60 mins speedboat/sea plane ride away from the airport. So you should be at your resort by 2 PM max after completing all formalities.

Same goes for the checkout, book a flight that leaves after 4-5 PM. This way you can leave the resort by 1-2 PM and you get to maximise your time at the resort.

We stayed at Meeru Island Resorts (also known as Meerufenfushi) located on the easternmost tip of North Malé Atoll (Kaafu Atoll) in the Maldives. It took us around 50 mins by the speed boat to reach the resort. I dozed off on most of the journey as it was a very cloudy & windy day and we had taken an early morning flight from Kochi (Mumbai – Kochi – Male).

I do hope that more airlines will consider these points and introduce new flights at better suited timings.

Booking flights

You can use Skyscanner to check for flights. I personally find it very convenient for the research. However, I book my flights from different portals depending on the credit card offers.

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TIP – Always use incognito mode while booking flights.

Planning a trip to Maldives?

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Planning other trips?

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Thanks for your patience in reading the entire blog. Feel free to drop me a comment here or on Instagram if you have any queries. Happy travelling.

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