All 4 Meeru Resort Packages Explained – The ultimate & credible guide

One of the biggest questions that almost all tourists and travellers ask themselves after finalising the accommodationWhich package to opt for? Through this post Meeru Resort Packages Explained I’ll walk through all the available packages and help you select one as per your budget and preferences. So lets get to it…

Meeru Resort Packages Explained

Meeru & most Maldivian hotels/resorts generally offer 4 different types of packages. The packages are meant to cater to all kinds of audiences right from the Uber rich to middle class families.

Half Board (HB)

The most economical package of the lot. It doesn’t get cheaper than this. The biggest benefit of this package, you will probably be beach fit and avoid putting on the excess holiday weight :D.

Meeru Packages Explained
Meeru Resort Packages Explained – Half Board

Who should opt for this package?

  • Couples/Families who are constrained due to the budget.
  • Also for those who are light eaters. In fact when I am travelling solo, this is my go to meal plan – A heavy king size breakfast at the hotel/hostel and then something very light/snack for lunch and then again a heavy dinner.

Full Board (FB) – HB + Lunch

This one adds lunch to the half-board package. Some people might find it funny, but I am using the food analogy to explain the exact scenario. More food doesn’t always mean good. It all comes down to our individual requirements. I know a lot of people who like going no holds barred on their vacations and I am one of them.

Meeru Packages Explained
Meeru Resort Packages Explained – Full Board

Who should opt for this package?

  • People who need to eat frequently and can’t go long without meals.
  • Personally though, I would either recommend HB or AI+. The problem with FB and All Inclusive is that Maldives being really expensive, a single drink will cost $5-10 and same goes for a snack from the Ala Carte Menu. So you end up spending good $50/day from your pocket on drinks and snacks.

All Inclusive (AI)- FB + Free Snacks + Free drinks during non-meal times

If you are taking the vacation just to relax and enjoy some leisure time, without compromising on binging this is the package for you. If you are someone who is not too keen on activities and would rather spend the day reading a book by the beach, this package makes plenty of sense.

Meeru Packages Explained
Meeru Resort Packages Explained – AIl Inclusive

All Inclusive+ (AI+)

All-inclusive vs All Inclusive+ is a question you must be stuck with if you have done your research for a trip to Maldives. If you are probably going to visit Maldives just once or twice in your life and really want to make the best of it, then go for this package eyes closed.

Meeru Packages Explained
Meeru Resort Packages Explained – AIl Inclusive+

This package comes with extra goodies like a Champagne bottle once during the stay, free snorkelling on the house reef, sunset cruise and unlimited usage of resort facilities.

For know about all the inclusions – Meeru All Inclusive Plus Package Inclusions

Quick Recap of Meeru Resort Packages Explained

If you are non-drinkers and not heavy eaters, I would suggest opting for the HB package as it will easily save you around $50-100/day. A heavy breakfast and a dinner will also keep that waistline in check. A good way to practice intermittent fasting.

However, if you are someone like me who doesn’t like to hold back when on a leisure vacation I would suggest opting for the AI+ package. I did the maths and if you manage to make use of most of the benefits of AI+ then its a steal for that price (I know its Maldives, but as per Maldivian standards, its a steal).

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