Meeru Maldives Resort Activities – Comprehensive activity list for 4 days

Let me give you the day-wise breakup and the complete list of Meeru Maldives Resort Activities. In the post, I’ll also discuss the best time to visit Maldives and airport transfers.

Best Time to Visit

While November – January is the best time, its also the most expensive (almost double the normal rate).

Due to its tropical location, Maldives can be visited anytime of the year. The shoulder months of August-September are the best combination for the money & the weather. I visited in August end and we just received rain for like 30 mins. Rest of the 3 days it was bright and sunny. The rates are the cheapest from March – October [Be prepared to carry tonnes of sunscreen though :D]

Meeru Maldives Resort Activities
Meeru Maldives Resort Activities – Best Time to Visit

It was cloudy and windy the first day when we landed and we even had a thunderstorm for 30 mins in the night. Thereafter, we had bright sunshine for the next 3 days. I checked with some of the staff and everyone told me that even if its cloudy or rainy it doesn’t rain for more than few hours. So no matter when you visit the place, you are guaranteed some sunshine for sure.

Airport Transfers

Almost all Maldivian resorts have a mandatory transfer charge to move you from the airport to the resort. This is a substantial amount and will greatly add to your costs. Also, these are mandatory transfers which are charged extra by the resort. 2 kinds of transfers are available Sea Plane and Speed boat. Sea plane is obviously costlier than the speedboat and these transfer charges must be kept in mind while booking as they are charged EXTRA. Return speedboat transfer cost for Meeru was 155$/person.

TIP – To save some money, choose a resort with Speedboat transfers as opposed to Sea-plane transfers.

Meeru Maldives Resort Activities

The main reason for choosing Meeru was the All Inclusive+ package. So it basically came with a set of complimentary activities. No matter what time of the year you visit, there are plenty of Meeru Maldives Resort Activities, which can be enjoyed throughout the year

Day 1

We just decided to roam around the island. We did a full circle walk of the island, I guess in an hour’s time. Here’s a recap of our Day 1.

Activities done:

  1. Going around the resort and getting familiarised with the layout.
  2. All activities in Meeru generally need to be booked in advance and can be done on the Ipad’s kept in the reception.
  3. Our package included unlimited visits to the house reef and 1 complimentary Sunset cruise. We booked both the tours for tomorrow, snorkelling in the morning and sunset cruise as the name suggests in the evening.
  4. Check out this video, from our Day 1 in Meeru.
Meeru Maldives Resort Activities – Day 1

Day 2 Activities

We had booked Snorkeling yesterday, so we went to the reception at the appointed time. Snorkeling was included in the package.

  • There are 2 daily tours One in the morning around 10 AM and another in the evening around 4-5 PM I think.
  • After returning from the house reef snorkeling, I snorkelled near our water villas as well.
  • In the evening we headed for the sunset punch cruise. Basically, they take you out on a boat ride for approx. 2 hours deep into the ocean and if you are lucky you can spot some dolphins as well. This activity is complimentary but can be availed only once during the stay.
  • Last we opted for romantic 4 course dinner at the Asian Wok. (not included in the package)

Meeru Maldives Resort Activities – Day 2

Day 3 Activities

  1. We went snorkeling to the house reef again as I had forgotten to take my Action camera with me yesterday.
  2. Once back, we tried our hands at Windsurfing & Kayaking (non-motorised water sports were included in the package).
  3. In the evening, I watched one half of a football match because Manchester United were playing.
  4. Then we went around the resort, played some golf, pool and darts. (included in the AI+ package)
Meeru Maldives Resort Activities – Day 3

Day 4 Activites

  1. Not much other than snorkeling near the water villas and some photoshoots. I throughly enjoyed my time snorkeling in Maldives. The sea is so clear and shallow that I would highly recommend not spending money on Scuba Diving. Snorkelling alone will give you plenty of fun moments.
  2. Don’t believe me? Then checkout the Day 2,3 & 4 videos on my channel on Youtube for the snorkelling bits.
Meeru Maldives Resort Activities – Day 4

That’s all folks. I don’t think we missed out on any of the Meeru Maldives Resort Activities. In fact, while we did not intend it, we actually managed to space out all activities pretty well. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

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