Maldives Visa for Indians – Short and easy guide

One of the easiest visas to acquire is the Maldives Visa for Indians. Indian citizens get VOA (Visa on Arrival) and it requires minimum documents. Don’t let travel agents tell you otherwise, it really is the easiest and quickest visa I acquired.

Maldives Visa for Indians – Document Requirements

Maldives visa requirements for Indians are pretty straight forward. Maldives provides Visa on arrival for Indians. All you need are:

  • Hotel booking confirmations
  • Return flight tickets.
  • You also need to fill up a small arrival form thats provided in the flight. (No photos needed)

While I do try to make my best efforts to keep such info pages updated from time to time, I would always recommend the readers to check once with the respective Government Website about current travel guidelines and other formalities.

Here’s the link to the official website of Immigration, Maldives – Maldives Official Govt Website for Immigration.

Maldives Visa for Indians
Maldives Visa for Indians – Visa Stamp

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Maldives Visa for Indians – The airport procedure

Simply fill in the form provided on the flight and keep a copy of your bookings handy (printed out or online copies – both are accepted). Our immigration officer just checked our hotel bookings and stamped the visa. Return flight tickets were not checked, neither did he ask anything at all.

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