Maldives trip from India – Complete guide for the perfect trip

For me, a Maldives trip from India had been in the making for some years. However, often when I thought of Maldives, the first thing that comes to mind is to do it with a travel agent. While travel agents are super convenient, you do end up paying extra (directly or indirectly). Also, Maldives is one of the highest rates places in the world for tourist friendliness.

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Maldives trip from India – View from the Water Villas
maldives visa requirements for indians
Maldives trip from India – The only time we had cloudy weather, Day 1
Trip expenses for Meeru Maldives
Maldives trip from India – Not a bad place to eat, right?
Meeru Maldives Resort Activities
Maldives trip from India – The tropical paradise of Maldives

So, it’s very easy to self-plan a trip if you have the right information. Even though Maldives always stands out as an expensive holiday destination I will tell you how to plan a trip to Maldives without breaking the bank.

Maldives trip from India – To apply through travel Agent or Not?

I wouldn’t rule out a travel agent completely. It makes a lot of sense to get their quotes and do your research in parallel. This way you can easily compare the costs and the benefits offered to you. Some of the travel agents have been associated with these hotels/resorts since years, so if you are lucky you can get a good deal.

Point is no harm in trying. Another reason you would want to go through a travel agent is full convenience. You leave someone else do the planning and research for you, so you can maintain your ZEN.

However, even if you can spare a couple of hours, I would recommend doing this trip on your own. I did the research, so you can benefit for some or all of it :).

Maldives trip from India – How to plan your dream trip?

We visited Maldives in Aug-2019 for 4D/3N. Let’s briefly discuss the order in which things need to be decided:

  1. Finalise the dates and book the flights.
    • I highly recommend sparing 5 mins and reading my post about Maldives flights before you book your flight tickets. This post has some handy tips about which flights to book and which ones to avoid.
  2. Next up – Choose your resort
    • Unlike most other countries, where flight expenses are generally the biggest cost factor of you trip, In Maldives – your hotel can cost 70-80% of your total trip budget.
    • So selecting the best hotel/resort as per your budget is the key here. Check this post about Selecting the right accommodation based on your budget.
  3. Once you have finalised or shortlisted the hotels/resorts, next would be to select the right F&B package. In Maldives your F&B package will hugely influence your overall trip costs. I have done a separate comprehensive post – Which package to pick based on my requirements and budget?
  4. Airport Transfer Costs – If not thought about in advance, this can burn a big hole in your pocket. Generally most resorts will offer either a sea-plane or speed boat transfer. Read this post to see which one should you opt for.
  5. Visa – I purposely kept Visa at the end, because for Indians Maldives offers a Visa on Arrival. Read more about the exact documents that you will need here – Visa Requirements for Indians.
  6. Trip Expenses – This factor will majorly depends on type of accommodation and the F&B package you choose. I stayed at Meeru Island Resort & Spa and here are my expenses for your reference.

Maldives trip from India – Some video inspiration

Maldives is hands down one of the most beautiful place that you will visit in your life. To get you in the groove, you can check out these trip videos to get some inspiration/motivation to head to Maldives.

Here’s our day wise journey. In addition I have posted a separate walkthrough video of our Jacuzzi Water Villa & the Sunset Punch cruise which was complimentary as a part of our All Inclusive+ package.

Maldives trip from India – Day 1

Maldives trip from India – Day 2

Maldives trip from India – Day 3

Maldives trip from India – Day 4

Maldives trip from India – Sunset Punch Cruise, Meeru Maldives

Maldives trip from India – Jacuzzi Water Villa Walkthrough

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