Luxembourg city in a day – 1 Day fast-paced itinerary for a quick visit

Luxembourg or Luxembourg city is also known officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It’s a landlocked country in Western Europe. While it might be one of the smaller countries in the world, it’s an advanced economy and has one of the world’s highest GDP per capita. Luxembourg was the 5th country in this trip after Finland, Norway, Iceland & Belgium. Our plan was to cover Luxembourg city in a day.

We already had researched about few of the places we wanted to cover. We did end up covering most of the Luxembourg city in a day due to its comparatively smaller size and the fact that almost all tourist attractions are located close by.

Getting to Luxembourg from Bruges, Belgium

We left Bruges in the morning and drove for approximate 3-3.5 hours. Our AirBnb hosts who are bakers, prepared an assorted basket of bakery products for us. The basket contained were also some delicious breads, jams, meat, juices and some sweets for breakfast. In fact they had prepared so much stuff for us that we carried it with us and used it as our lunch as well.

Luxembourg city in a day
The freshly baked breakfast
Luxembourg city in a day
Luxembourg city in a day – Our breakfast as well as lunch

One of the major concerns while self driving in Europe is the availability of parking spaces specially in the city. Luckily though, the technology is pretty evolved to solve the problem. The official city municipal websites give you the real time information about the exact count of no of parking places available as well as occupied. We found parking at Parking Knuedler which was bang in the middle of the city.

Sightseeing – Luxembourg City

I’ll be very frank here, it was really difficult to remember the names of the places in this city. We simply got a tourist map and walked around at our will. With no pre-determined route, just moving from one attraction to another. So in case the names are slightly mistaken, apologies in advance.

Pfaffenthal lift Luxembourg

The new glass elevator connects the Pescatore park located in the city centre to the Pfaffenthal area at the bottom of the Alzette valley. Using the elevator is free of charge.

IMG 20181101 145450 HDR 2
Luxembourg city in a day – Floor of the glass Pfaffenthal Lift

The Old Quarter of Luxembourg City

The Old Quarter in Luxembourg City is the perfect place to kick off a trip to this delightful country and its also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Casemates Du Bock, Luxembourg City

A stunning set of underground tunnels and a UNESCO World Heritage. The first underground tunnels were built in 1644. It is these impressive defence works that conferred Luxembourg the name of Gibraltar of the North.

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg City

It’s the only cathedral in Luxembourg. The church is a noteworthy example of late gothic architecture; however, it also has many Renaissance elements and adornments.

National Monument to the resistance and deportation

At the cemetery of the Notre-Dame cathedral is the National Monument to the Resistance and to the Deportation. The center piece of the monument is the famous bronze monument by the 20th century.

Luxembourg city in a day
Luxembourg city in a day – Monument of resistance
Luxembourg city in a day

Place Guillaume

Place Guillaume II is a town square in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. The square is named after Grand Duke William II, whose equestrian statue is in the park. Much of the square is ringed with trees, narrowing the open area. 

Luxembourg city in a day – Place Guillaume

Passerelle Viaduc

The Passerelle, also known as the Luxembourg Viaduct, is a viaduct in Luxembourg City. It is 290 m long, with 24 arches, and 45 m above the valley floor. Some folks call it the Old Bridge and the new bridge title is given to the Adolphe Bridge, built between 1900 and 1903.

Luxembourg city in a day
Luxembourg city in a day – Passerelle Viaduc
Luxembourg city in a day

Adolphe Bridge

The Adolphe Bridge is a double-decked arch bridge in Luxembourg City. The bridge provides a one-way route for road traffic across the Pétrusse, from Boulevard Royal, in Ville Haute, to Avenue de la Liberté, in Gare. The Adolphe Bridge has become an unofficial national symbol of sorts, representing Luxembourg’s independence.

IMG 20181101 162541 HDR 1 scaled
Luxembourg city in a day – Adolphe Bridge

Neimënster Abbey

Neumünster Abbey is a public meeting place and cultural centre. Since 1997, it has been the home of the European Institute of Cultural Routes. During World War II, the Nazis used the abbey to imprison political resisters to their occupation of Luxembourg.

IMG 20181101 153319 HDR 1
Luxembourg city in a day – Neimënster Abbey

Chemin De La Corniche

Also called “the most beautiful balcony of Europe” , it runs along the Alzette valley on the ramparts – built by the Spaniards and the French in the 17th century.

Luxembourg city in a day
Luxembourg city in a day – Corniche
Luxembourg city in a day
View from the Corniche
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Luxembourg city in a day
Luxembourg city in a day
Top view from the corniche

Other than the attractions mentioned above, we did visit a couple of places whose names and location I am unable to recollect now. Plenty of walking and sightseeing to cover the entire Luxembourg city in a day.

Drive to Amsterdam

Luxembourg city in a day

We had a quick dinner at a Kebab place near the National Monument to the resistance. We had some kebabs, falafel and shawarma. It was cheap by European standards.

It costed around €7.

After that we drove for around 4-5 hours with a stop at a local McDonalds to get some coffee and some Red bull cans. My hostel refused access to Rishi & Siri even to the common room. In fact, when we wanted to pay for a bed, the hostel said it was fully occupied which again wasn’t the case.

We went to a pub close by and partied till 5 AM in the morning. They then dropped me back at the hostel and headed to the airport to catch their 9 AM flight. It was amazing time spent with them. Last leg of the trip – Amsterdam would be a solo trip now.


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