Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Our honest review after a 2N stay

When I was on the lookout for a hostel in Da Nang, I had shortlisted quite a few. But depending on my budget and hostel location I finalised Kontiki Hostel Da Nang. One of the main reasons for select Kontiki Hostel Da Nang was its proximity to the Dragon Bridge.

Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Review

Here are our observations and review after a 2 night stay at the hotel.

  1. Rooms
    • Coming from Buffalo Hostel, Hanoi, the dorm rooms were big and spacious. You can read my review of Buffalo hostel here.
    • The bed was super comfy and linen crisp and clean.
    • Each bed had a private fan and a power socket. The dorm itself was AC.
    • 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets on the first floor for a dorm of 10 people, which is a pretty good ratio. Also everything was clean – spic and span.
  2. Lockers – Big lockers spacious enough to hold one backpack and 1 small carry-on backpack (office backpack). However, I cant recollect if they had automated locks or manual.
  3. Staff
    • Very nice staff. We checked in at almost 11:30PM in the night and yet the check-in was swift and easy.
    • The girl at the reception (I forgot her name) was a student and she was doing this job so that she could improve her English.
    • It was fascinating to see such a young girl with so much maturity. Imagine doing a hostel reception job to improve your English, so that you can study aboard. Greatly impressed by her and if you are reading this by any chance, I am sorry that I forgot your name.
    • Another point I want to bring up is that when we left the hostel, we had to catch a bus to Hoi An. The girl not only helped us find the bus stop on the google map, but she also wrote down the ticket price on a piece of paper so that the conductor or bus driver won’t overcharge us. Great act of kindness.
  4. F&B – Free breakfast is somewhat limited. You get bread with butter or jam, egg preparation and a choice of coffee/tea or any cold drink from the refrigerator.
  5. Price – We paid $20 for 2 people for 2 nights. So thats $5/person per night. The price is slightly above average when travelling in Vietnam, but the hostel felt more like a serviced apartment. So good value for money.
  6. Location – Located 3-4 mins walking distance from the famous Dragon Bridge and the night market. Also walking distance to the beach, though we were too lazy to go out to the beach on the 2nd day.
  7. Activities/Tours – The hostel doesn’t have personal tours just for the hostel folks. But they do book tours for you in a combined manner. Prices were competitive. They also do cab, shared van bookings as well.
  8. Overall rating – 8/10.

Kontiki Hostel Da Nang has a very laid back vibe about it. More of the kind which you find in a serviced apartment. So, if you are looking for a very lively and social hostel, this isn’t the place for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for something calm and relaxing with relatively less social interaction, then this is the place for you. Introverts will love this place.

Bottomline – Greatly recommended for a relaxed and spacious stay in Da Nang. The location makes it a great hostel to stay at.

Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Photos

Kontiki Hostel Da Nang
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Our friendly receptionist
2 days in Hoi An
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – The note she wrote down for us
Travelling from Da-Nang to Hoi-An
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Backpacker’s life
Travelling from Da-Nang to Hoi-An
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Getting ready to leave
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang
10 must eat Vietnamese dishes
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Night market is at a walking distance, our dinner – Butter grilled fish..
20191002 181044 01 scaled
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Clicked barely 50m from the hostel
20191002 181031 scaled
Kontiki Hostel Da Nang – Da Nang comes alive in the night

Where to book?

For all my hostel bookings, I either use Hostel World or Agoda. Some of the advantages include:

  • Lots of option to select from.
  • You need to pay only a small amount while booking. Pay the remaining amount directly at the hostel. In case of Agoda, you can book without paying anything upfront. This comes in handy when you don’t have a fixed route and itinerary but need bookings to show for your Schengen Visa.
  • Website accepts most Indian credit/debit cards.

You can book this hostel from Hostel World – Book Kon-Tiki Hostel, Da Nang

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