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I have done plenty of research for various travel destinations, but none had me thinking so much as Maldives. Mentally I knew that it wouldn’t be a Maldives trip if you don’t stay in Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives. While I will also talk about the various other room categories, the main topic for review would be the Jacuzzi Water Villa – Meeru Maldives.

So we first decided the type of accommodation and then the resort, followed by the package. I have written a separate guide for selecting the best package for your needs. Read it here.

Selecting Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives among other rooms

Selecting the right accommodation is the trickiest part of your Maldives holiday and unless you plan to stay in an AirBnb in Male (pretty bad idea), be prepared to shell out a premium for your hotel bookings. I am sure I don’t need to tell you again, but Maldives is more like a supermarket for the rich. Nightly accommodation in a villa can range from 10,000 INR to a whooping 2,50,000 INR.

There are mainly 5 options available in terms of room category. Mostly people go in ascending order of the cost. I’ll do the exact opposite.

Super Premium Water Villa / Water Bungalows

These are top of the line Water Villas with amenities like a private swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, slides etc. They also give you direct access to the sea. The cost depends on the amenities and your resort branding.

Screenshot 2020 09 10 at 5.22.47 PM
Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives
Screenshot 2020 09 10 at 5.23.09 PM
Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives – Drone Shot from Meeru Website
Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives
Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives – Jacuzzi View

When we initially planned the trip idea was to stay for 2N in the Beach facing villa and spend 1N in the water villa. But then after comparing costs and doing my maths, we realised that by paying 10-15K INR extra we could be spending all 3 days in the Jacuzzi Water Villa. Since, trips like Maldives don’t happen that often we finalised the room category as Jacuzzi Water Villa.

Cost – $500 to $2500/night.

Here’s a walkthrough of our Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives – Villa No. 720

Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives – Video Walkthrough and review

Water Villas / Water Bungalows (Also called as Overwater Villas)

A slightly lower version of Super Premium Water Villas, they lack most of the amenities I mentioned above. Most resorts either offer plain Water Villas or super premium water villas and generally not both.

Cost – $350 to $700/night.

Beach facing villas

These again come in 2 types, premium beach villas with all amenities mentioned in the Super Premium Water Villa category or plain beach villas.

These are quite popular among Indian honeymooners as they split the stay between Beach & Water Villas.

Cost – $250-$350/night

Premium Rooms/AirBnb’s

Most of these are rooms in hotels located in Male, the capital city of Maldives. Most of the click-bait ads about doing a Maldives trip within 50,000 INR generally talk about these kind of accommodations. Frankly speaking, if you are going to Maldives don’t go for this type of accommodation. If you want the same experience, just stay at any beach facing 4/5-star hotel in India. You will get an even better experience for lesser price.

Shortlisting the resort

The choice of accommodation is upto individual preferences and budget. I used the below criteria to shortlist the resort & accommodation type:

  1. For me, the main idea behind planning this trip was to stay in a Water Villa. So I started shortlisting properties on Agoda based on the price & ratings around my dates.
  2. Meeru/Paradise & Ohluveli made the cut.
  3. I wanted a resort that provided a speed boat transfer and not the sea-plane transfer for reasons explained in this post.
  4. Next up was how many nights to stay in the water villa. Most people opt for a combo stay (2N beach villa + 1N water villa). I tried the same, and it showed a saving of around 15,000 to 20,000 INR for 3 nights. But since I was anyways spending, I decided to splurge and opt for a Jacuzzi Water Villa Meeru Maldives on all 3 nights.
  5. Next was to decide which package to choose. I finalised Meeru due to the availability of the All Inclusive+ package.

Where to book hotels from?

I generally book most of my hotels directly, but in case of Maldives I realised this during my research that most hotels are cheaper when booked through aggregator websites. I personally would recommend Agoda for 2 main reasons:

  1. Transparency – All taxes, surcharges etc are clearly visible before you make the payment.
  2. You can book a hotel months in advance without paying a single penny [Most bookings have free cancellation upto 15 days before the trip and even the payment is deducted 15 days prior].
  3. You can use the below link to book Meeru – Meeru Island Resorts & Spa, Maldives
  4. For other resorts in Maldives – Maldives Hotels & Resorts

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