Ho Chi Minh City Tour – 4 hour relaxed walk

Ho Chi Minh city tour is a great way to get yourself acquainted with the city. In case you don’t intend to venture inside museums half a day would suffice.

After a night of heavy partying, we got up a little late today (by my own standards). You would be surprised to know that I manage to wake up latest by 8AM on most of my trips irrespective of the time I sleep at. Anyways, the plan for the day was HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City) and Cu Chi Tunnel tour. Since the Cu Chi Tunnel was post lunch, I intended to do a walking tour of HCMC tour. Kshipra refused to join in and decided to enjoy her nap.

So, I grabbed a quick breakfast at the hostel (meh…ok stuff) and ventured out. Since, I wasn’t that pleased with the hostel breakfast, I went to a small cart and had Banh Mi and a Caphe.

Ho Chi Minh City Tour – The Walking Tour

The idea was to find all attractions that can be covered in 3 hours. So that I could be back at the hostel by 12 PM. The Cu Chi Tunnel tour departure was 12:30 PM. I covered the following sights:

I did not venture inside any of these attractions due to the paucity of time, so wouldn’t be able to help you with the ticket prices. My 2 favourite places were the Notre Dam Cathedral and the Saigon Central Post office. The french architecture is amazing and a sight to behold.

20191007 111657 01
Ho Chi Minh City Tour – Notre Dam Cathedral
20191007 111821 01
Ho Chi Minh City Tour – Saigon Central Post Office
20191007 111912 01
Ho Chi Minh City Tour – Interiors of the Post Office
20191007 112503 01
Ho Chi Minh City Tour – Funky stalls opposite Notre Dam
20191007 113420 01
Ho Chi Minh City Tour – Independence Palace
20191007 113934 01
Ho Chi Minh City Tour – Some Law related building..

It was already 11:15 by now and I decided to head back. Grabbed hold off a cold coffee and another Banh Mi for a lunch.

After the tour, we had to head for the Cu Chi tunnel tour.

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