Hangout Hostel HCM Review – 1 hell of a party hostel

If you have been following my blog , you would know I wasn’t greatly thrilled with this hostel, specially when it came to first impressions. But as the time passed, I kind of enjoyed my stay at Hangout hostel HCM.

Hangout Hostel HCM Review

Hangout Hostel HCM Review

I’ll be frank when I arrived at the hostel and saw the dark gloomy atmosphere both at the reception as well as the room, I had half made up my mind to switch hostels the next day.

The rooms are great and look amazing in the photos but the reality depends on your dorm mates.

Considering, this was a party hostel most of the dorm mates would come back to the room at 5-6 AM in the morning and then sleep whole day only to get up 7-8 PM and go out to party again.

It was this that made me re-think my decision to stay in a mixed dorm with a girl (other dorm mates were all guys).

But luckily, over the next 3 days we developed a good understanding and the hostel didn’t necessarily seem that bad.

Hangout Hostel HCM Review – In depth

  1. Rooms
    • Spacious rooms with ensuite bathrooms. However, all the 3 days the rooms had their black curtains fully covered. So no chance of any sunlight in the room at all.
    • Felt just like a spooky party hostel room.
  2. Bathrooms
    • As you can guess our ensuite bathroom was choked most days/nights. All because, people can’t be responsibly drunk.
    • So on all days except 1 think, I used the communal bathroom/washrooms on the 2nd floor.
  3. Lockers – Big lockers under bed to store most of our stuff. Spare wall mounted locker was available too in our room.
  4. Staff
    • The reception guys were ok. Told us the basic things we needed to know, but nothing special.
    • This western staff (responsible for the party vibe) was amazing specially Marley. The hostel comes alive after 8 PM, just like those Night at the museum movies. The hostel looks dead and buried in the day but post 8 PM, its the place to be.
    • They would organise drinking games, card games, karaokes and plenty of other stuff. The nights were just epic.
  5. F&B
    • Free breakfast has some coffee with cold scrambled eggs and bread & butter. Definitely passable.
    • 1 free beer/person per night. Cocktails and shots were priced around 25000-50000 VND.
    • Water refills – 5000 VND/bottle.
  6. Price10$ advance + 600000 VND. (Around 3000 Rs. for 2 people for 3 nights)
  7. Location – Located on the backpacker street. This area was alive and kicking all through the night. If you want to party, you wont find a better location.
  8. Activities/Tours
    • Pub crawl (Great experience)
    • They also have a BBQ dinner once in the week I think.
  9. Special Experience (if any) – When if you love partying and socialising you would have a whale of a time here. If you don’t, stay well away from this place.
  10. Overall rating – 7/10.

Bottomline – Unless you are a hardcore party person, its difficult to recommend this hostel. So think accordingly. Definitely not for backpackers looking for a laid back atmosphere.

Hangout Hostel HCM Review – Photos

Hangout Hostel HCM Review – Check out the crazy hostel night scenes

Hangout Hostel HCM Review

Where to book?

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  • Lots of option to select from.
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  • Website accepts most Indian credit/debit cards.

You can book the hostel directly from hostel world here – Book Hangout Hostel HCM, Saigon

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