Comprehensive Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland – Day 1 Iceland

Blue Lagoon is probably the most well known attraction of Iceland & I can personally vouch for the fact that’s its worth every bit of the hype. It’s an experience unlike something that I had ever experienced before, just last year (2019) I had been to Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest and while that was a great experience, it doesn’t even come close to Blue Lagoon in Iceland. So let’s get into this in-depth guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland.

Booking tickets for Blue Lagoon Iceland

The most important tip of this Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland is to Book tickets in advance, because the lagoon is generally fully booked throughout the year. The cost varies based on:

  • The type of package chosen
  • Time of the day
    • This again depends on the time slot as well as the number of people who have already booked that slot.
    • So the same 5 PM-6 PM slot might have different prices on different days.
Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland – Time lapse Video

You can book your tickets from the official website – Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The important thing to note is that the even though the booking slots is only 1 hour, these slots only deal with your entrance timings, you can spend as much time as you want in the lagoon.

Screenshot 2020 08 23 at 7.23.12 PM
E Ticket – Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland

For e.g. a slot of 4-5 PM means that you enter the lagoon anytime during that duration. It applies only to the entrance. You can exit the lagoon whenever you wish as the tickets have a day validity. So if it pleases you, you could stay back till they close the lagoon.

Packages – Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland

  1. Comfort
  2. Premium
  3. Retreat Spa

Refer to the below image for the comparison. However, for most folks the comfort package should suffice.

Screenshot 2020 08 23 at 7.27.20 PM
Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland

Very Important – Blue Lagoon and almost all lagoon’s and thermal spa’s in Europe have open changing/shower facilities. There are both private and public places for changing/showering. But don’t be surprised if you come out of the shower and see people roaming butt naked in the changing rooms.

If privacy is that big a concern for you, then please enquire at the reception.

Cost of the packages

As I said earlier, it depends on the 2 factors mentioned above. I paid 9,990 ISK (5500 INR) for my slot. You might find it cheaper or expensive based on when you book it.

Screenshot 2020 08 23 at 7.22.33 PM
Ticket Cost – Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland

Getting to Blue Lagoon Iceland

You can either drive using your own car or they also provide an option for paid return transfers. You can add your hotels details and schedule a pickup and drop-off accordingly.

Once you arrive and show them your ticket, you will be provided with a wristband (which acts as your credit card + key to the locker/changing rooms)

Your wristband

This colourful item is the key to your changing room locker. But it also functions as an in-water credit card. You can use it to purchase drinks and refreshments anywhere in the spa area.

Your locker and changing rooms

You will receive a private locker. We recommend that you store all your valuables–jewellery, shoes, cameras, etc.–inside your locker. But be sure to check that your locker is properly locked before you walk away. Blue Lagoon is not responsible for any lost valuables.

Note – Swimwear is not mandatory, but I would recommend carrying one anyways.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Experience

Well imagine this, the outside temperature is 0-5 °C and you are lounging in the water that’s at a temperature of around 37–39 °C, also add the marvellous view of the sunset to the mix and you should now have a fair understanding of where I am heading with this.

Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland
Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland – Near the entrance
Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland
Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland – Blue Lagoon clicked by a friend
Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland
Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland – Doesn’t it feel like heaven?

The experience is so surreal that you would wish not to come out, we came out only after around 3-4 hours in the pool. During this time we just chilled with the complimentary free drink of choice, followed by the application of the free Silica Mud Mask and just roaming from one end of the lagoon to the other.

The volcanic waters have some great health and skin benefits too, this is an added bonus or the proverbial icing on the top of the cake.

After the Blue Lagoon

We came out of the lagoon around 9 PM, a good 4 hours after we had gone in. And quickly rushed to our Alba guesthouse in Reykjavik which was still some distance away. We checked-in and headed straight out for a late dinner at a Chinese restaurant located in the lane right opposite the Reykjavik Cathedral (Hallgrimskirkja).

Expenses for the Day

Expense Description Expense Amount
Blue Lagoon ticket 5500 INR
Hot dogs and some more stuff
and coffee at Keflavik Airport
700 INR
Alba guesthouse accommodation Around 3800 INR for a room (2 people)
Dinner at the Chinese restaurant – Fine 1500 INR/person
Guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland – Day Expenses

I hope this guide to Blue Lagoon Iceland was helpful to you. Leave a comment here or on Instagram if you have any other questions. You can follow the rest of my 2018 Euro trip – Search of Northern Lights here.

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