Cu Chi Tunnel Tour – 1 Day into the bloody past of Vietnam War

Cu Chi Tunnel tour is one of the most moving and awakening experience in Vietnam. Throughout Vietnam, I noticed people who were happy, warm and kind towards everyone including Americans. This statement is important because the American-Vietnamese was a bloody war and really destroyed generations.

But no one could put it better than our tour guide – “Forgive but never forget“. It may sound cliched but when it comes from a girl who lost some of her family in the war and yet she was smiling and keeping all of us happy even the Americans, shows how the Vietnamese have moved on in their lives.

You can book the tour here – Cu Chi Tunnels, Half Day Tour.

Tour Itinerary

  • First stop at a local handicraft shop. This shop employed war affected people/families.
  • After that next stop was the Cu Chi Tunnels, where the guide quickly got the tickets for us and the tour started.
  • Spend 2-3 hours and return to the Ho Chi Minh City.

Local Handicraft Shop

To see people who were actually affected by the war, working in this handicraft shop was a heartening experience. The egg shell paintings were stupendous and it’s really a work of art and patience. If it wasn’t too expensive, I would have bought it.

Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

As soon as you cross the entrance, you can see the actual bombs used in the war exhibited and it kind of sets the tone.

After the reception, the first display we saw was of the tunnels. It was hard to believe that a tunnel barely a few feet wide, would be an entrance and underground place to house 100’s of people. In fact till the guide actually revealed the tunnel, we had no idea that there existed one right below the ground we were standing on.

The tunnel staff in action

Cu Chi Tunnel Tour – Staff in action

After the soldier was done, we were asked by the guide to give it a try. I did give it a try and it was super scary.

The Tunnel – Experience.

After that we entered one of the bigger tunnels, it had 3 exits located at a distance of 20, 40 & 60 meters I think. The tunnels are really narrow and you can’t even walk upright in them. It’s mostly walking on all fours. Can’t imagine that 100’s of people lived in these tunnel for months. I entered with the intention of going all the way till 60m, but that was the day I learned I was claustrophobic. I decided to come out after 40m. It was a truly scary experience.

Some Snacks & the last part of the tour.

We had some mung bean cakes. Mung bean cakes are filled with sweet mung bean mixture. We also saw a few tanks and artillery on the premises. Another exhibit covered the various booby traps used by the Vietnamese soldiers to deal with American soldiers (Gi Joe’s as my tour guide called them).

The tour ended by 5 PM and after a 2-2:30 hour journey, we were back at the hostel by 7:30 PM.

Dinner at a Bollywood Themed Restaurant

Today was our last day and Kshipra was craving some Indian food. So, we decided to head out to an Indian restaurant for the first time in our trip. Also, today marked our last night in Vietnam.

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Good night folks, see ya tomorrow in Cambodia.

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