Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland, Review – 2N stay, good but can be better

Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland was the first hostel of my 2018 Euro Trip – Chasing the the Northern lights. This is an honest and unbiased review of Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland of our 2N stay at the hostel.

We were booked in a 6 bed mixed dorm for 2 nights. One of the most annoying things about all European hostels is their strict adherence to check-in times; early check-in is a myth in these parts. This is not a specific complaint with this hostel, but all hostels in Europe. I have seen hostels being completely empty yet they won’t give you an early check-in.

Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland Review

  1. Rooms – Really Small rooms, I mean really small.
  2. Lockers – Big lockers. Work with the room keys, so you don’t need to carry or rent out padlocks from the reception
  3. Staff – Pretty warm and friendly staff at the reception. Even the room service lady was very nice.
  4. Washrooms/Bathroom – Separate communal bathrooms and toilets for men and women. Very clean and continuous hot water which is a requirement in these cold parts. Somehow I found this to be the best part of the hostel. It felt like I was back at some pool resort.
  5. F&B – No free breakfast, but they provide you a fully functional kitchen. You can stock up on those groceries and essentials and put them in the communal fridge if you are on a tight budget or plan to cook yourself.
  6. Price€20-25/person per night.
  7. Location – Located 3 km’s from the city centre. However, the tram stop is hardly 100 meters. Supermarket is located right outside the hostel. Biggest plus. If you don’t want to cook but still stick to a budget, you get stuff like ready to eat pizzas, burgers, meat products like salami, sausages in the supermarket.
  8. Activities/Tours
    • City Cards are available at the reception.
    • They also have some fun & game nights.
  9. Overall rating – 7/10.

Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland Photos

The hostel has a very typical Nordic vibe and architecture. Everything feels fresh and well designed, except for the size of the rooms.

Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland
Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland – Art gallery inside the hostel, pretty cool
Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland
Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland – One of the paintings..
Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland
Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland – Good to see some Indian pins…
Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland
Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland – Tram No. 7 has a stop around 100m from the hostel

So would I recommend Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland?

I would recommend this hostel if you are not planning to spend much time in your dorm room. The hostel has a great communal dining room, washrooms and game room as well on the other floor.

Bottomline – If you can overlook the cramped room, it’s a good hostel to be at.

Where to book?

For all my hostel bookings, I either use Hostel World or Agoda. Some of the advantages include:

  • Lots of option to select from.
  • You need to pay only a small amount while booking. Pay the remaining amount directly at the hostel. In case of Agoda, you can book without paying anything upfront. This comes in handy when you don’t have a fixed route and itinerary but need bookings to show for your Schengen Visa.
  • Website accepts most Indian credit/debit cards.

Book directly from Hostel World – Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland – HostelWorld

You can also book this hostel on Agoda – Cheap Sleep Helsinki Finland, Agoda

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