Cambodia Visa Guide for Indians – Easy way to get E-Visa in 3 days.

I have always seen most of my friends & family outsource their Visa work to travel agents who not only charge a premium for their services but you still need to provide them with all the documentation. The Cambodia Visa Guide for Indians is my way to encourage you to apply for Visa on your own and save on those travel agent fees. The procedure is very simple and hardly takes 10 mins.

For Indians, Cambodia offers both VOA as well as an E-Visa. The preferred choice would be an E-Visa if you don’t mind trading a few extra dollars for some peace of mind.

We visited Cambodia as a part of our Vietnam-Cambodia trip in Oct 2019. For Vietnam visa you can checkout my earlier post.

Vietnam/Cambodia Land Border Scams

Also, one of the main reasons for opting for an E-Visa was to avoid the scams that go around Vietnam – Cambodia land border crossings. Read my experience here.

Cambodia Visa Guide for Indians – Step by step process

The official government website

I always prefer doing all my Visa work on my own and without the help of a travel agent. So all the information I will provide will be completely true and based on my personal experience.

To apply for the E-Visa, visit the Cambodian Govt Website – Cambodian Govt Website, Visa.

To fill up the form, you would need an entry and an exit port. Details about the port available on this link – Port information.

Visa Application

Screenshot 2020 07 18 at 10.34.23 AM

On the home page of the website. You will see an Apply now button as shown in the photo.

Click apply now. Now the process is pretty straightforward:

  • Create an account.
  • Fill in the application form. Mention the correct entry & exit ports.
  • Pay the fees. [30$ Visa Charges + 6$ processing charges]
  • On submission of the application, you will get 2 emails – a submission confirmation email with all details and link to update/validate the details and 2nd would be a payment receipt email.
  • You should receive an email with an E-Visa in 2-3 days.

The emails would look something like these:

Screenshot 2020 07 18 at 10.39.44 AM
Cambodia Visa Guide for Indians – E-Visa Submitted Email
Screenshot 2020 07 18 at 10.42.02 AM
Cambodia Visa Guide for Indians – E-Visa Payment Receipt

The final E-Visa

It generally takes 2-3 days for your Visa to be processed. In our case, I received the visa next day. Here’s how the final E-Visa looks like:

Screenshot 2020 07 18 at 10.47.34 AM
Cambodia Visa Guide for Indians – Final Visa

We entered Cambodia via Thailand with the Port of Entry as Bavet. The process of application remains the same even if you are coming from Thailand or Laos. Just ensure that you choose the correct port of entry & exit.

TIP - If you are flying to Cambodia and don't mind standing in a small queue, then I would suggest opting for Visa on Arrival (VOA) and saving those 6$ of processing fees.

But if you are entering via a land border, I would suggest go with the E-Visa option.

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